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  1. Introduction
    1. Document Purpose and Scope: This document addresses return policies applicable to the products (Only aim at Machine Vision Products) purchased by customers (“Customers”) that are returned to ZDS Imaging Systems Co., Ltd. (“ZDS”) for repair or replacement. To the extent that local law of the jurisdiction where the sale of product took place is inconsistent with a provision herein, and such local law does not permit waiver by contractual agreement, then such local laws shall apply only to the extent of the inconsistency. Any exceptions to this Policy requested by Customers must be approved in writing by ZDS.
    2. Amending this Policy: ZDS may choose to amend the Policy, in part or its entirety, at any time, without notice. The Policy may not be otherwise amended.
    3. ZDS’s Responsibility: Except otherwise agreed by the parties, ZDS’s sole responsibility under ZDS’s warranty is limited to repairing or replacing the defective products returned by Customer if the same is still within the product warranty period. For details on the product warranty provided by ZDS for the respective products

* The warranty of products under other sales and purchase agreement follow their own specific rules.

* The warranty of prototype sold at a discount is subject to sales and purchase agreement.

* The warranty of unlisted products is subject to sales and purchase agreement or official document.

2. General Return Requirements

2.1Return Requirements: The following requirements shall apply to all product returns:

2.1.1RMA Number Required: Approval from ZDS, as documented by a Return Material Authorization (“RMA”) request (in Appendix 1) and RMA number issued by ZDS, must be obtained by the Customer prior to the return of any product. ZDS may refuse to provide repair or replacement for product that the Customer forwarded to ZDS without an RMA, and return the product to the Customer with freight due.

2.1.2RMA Discrepancies: ZDS reserves the right to refuse to liaise with the applicable manufacturer, and to return product to Customer at Customer’s expense, if upon receipt of product, ZDS determines that the prerequisites for the return of product have not been met and/or that the product returned does not match the product described in the RMA. ZDS further reserves the right to charge Customer handling fees for such returns.

2.1.3Expiration: An RMA is valid for fourteen (14) calendar days after its issuance by ZDS. Customer must return the product described in the RMA within fourteen (14) days or a new RMA will be required.

2.1.4Packaging Requirements: When packaging the products for shipping, all returns must meet the following requirements:

a. All returned products must be packaged appropriately to prevent shipping damage and provide proper electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection.

b. All returned products must be packaged appropriately to afford individual mechanical protection so that damage does not occur while the product is in-transit to ZDS. The packaging must be comparable to the packaging in which ZDS originally shipped the product.

c. If Customer has multiple RMAs, then it must package the returned product separately according to RMA number; each RMA number must be individually packed and properly sealed. Customer must not mix multiple RMA’s within the shipping boxes.

d. Each box of returned products must be clearly labeled with the RMA number and delivery address. If Customer is returning products in several boxes, and the products are all under the same RMA number, then the Customer must properly mark each box to avoid partial shipments (for example, if Customer is shipping three boxes, the boxes must be marked as part 1 of 3, part 2 of 3, and part 3 of 3).

e. Customer must enclose a copy of the RMA form within the shipment. A list of the RMA numbers contained in the shipment must be attached to the carrier documentation on collection.

f. Customer must enclose a packing list identifying the contents in each shipping carton.

2.1.5Invoicing Requirements: For all returns, Customer must include three copies of invoice documentation with the following attributes when shipping returned products to another country:

          • Return Shipping Invoice date
          • RMA number
          • RMA Request Form
          • Quantity of each product
          • Clear description of each product using layman terms (acronyms are not acceptable)
          • Value of each product (including products provided by ZDS free of charge and sample products)
          • Currency in which the value is stated
          • Country of origin of the product
          • Terms of delivery
          • Full name and address of the consignee and “attention to” person and a contact telephone number (if applicable)
          • Signature of a representative who can attest that the invoice accurately reflects the shipment content
          • Copy of ZDS invoice under which the product was purchased

2.2Turnaround times: Customer acknowledges that turnaround times are dependent on that of the applicable manufacturer, Customer’s compliance with this RMA policy and other variables. ZDS does not warrant that turnaround times will comply with any specific timeframe or with Customer’s requirements or that of Customer’s end customers.

3. Warranty Scope

3.1Scope: ZDS’s products in any of the following circumstances are excluded from ZDS’s free-of-charge warranty. However, users may choose Out-of-warranty repairs.

3.1.1 Valid warranty document and original purchase invoice or receipt cannot be shown, and the former serial number label is altered, changed or torn down, there is no serial number or the product model or number on the warranty document is inconsistent with the product.

3.1.2 The warranty period specified by ZDS is exceeded.

3.1.3 Malfunctions and damages resulting from failure of use, maintenance and storage according to the user manual or the working environment indicated in the user manual.

3.1.4 Malfunctions or damages resulting from installation, repairs, changes or disassembly by the organizations NOT authorized by ZDS.

3.1.5 Damages resulting from accidents or other force majeure.

3.1.6 Products purchased from unauthorized overseas distributors.

4. Technical In-Warranty Returns

4.1Returns from Customer’s customers: Customer’s customers are not eligible to return the product for repair or replacement to ZDS directly.

4.2Returns whether In-Warranty or Out-of-Warranty: Customer is responsible for determining which of the defective products are within the product warranty period or otherwise and, if they fall outside, Customer shall be responsible for all expenses and costs incurred thereby (including the cost of repair or replacement of such defective products).

4.3In-Warranty Returns: In-Warranty Returns are returns of defective product made within the product warranty period provided under the relevant contract terms. Customer is hereby advised to check and confirm the respective product warranty period provided under the relevant contract terms.

4.4Eligibility: Customer is eligible for In-Warranty Returns so long as the terms and conditions of the product warranty have been met and the product is still within the warranty period. In-Warranty Returns that are approved by ZDS will be forwarded to the applicable manufacturer for repair or replacement at ZDS’s and the applicable manufacturer’s discretion. If applicable manufacturer elects to provide a replacement, ZDS may replace the non-conforming product with refurbished product.

4.5Repairs: For Repair RMA’s the customer completes the RMA form indicating as much information so as to assist the repair department with diagnosing and repairing the item. Once the item is received the appropriate repair technician determines warranty status by checking serial number and/or firmware version with original shipping documentation (please reference warranty for products on page 1) Warranty goods are repaired without contacting the customer. If a Non warranty item requires repair the customer is sent an “Estimation of Charges” form which they can review and sign if acceptable. Non warranty items require written authorization from the customer. If an item is deemed “un-repairable” the customer is contacted and has the option of (1) having the product returned or (2) having the product scrapped.

4.6Request Period: The RMA request must be made within the warranty period associated with the returned product.

4.7FreightCharges: The Customer will pay inbound freight of the product returned to ZDS RMA center and ZDS will pay the outbound freight of repaired or replaced product to Customer.

5. Technical Out-of-Warranty Returns

5.1Out-of-Warranty Returns: Out-of-Warranty Returns are returns of defective product or product to which Customer desires to have work done, but are not covered within ZDS’s warranty terms and conditions.

5.2Eligibility: Out-of-Warranty Returns are by approval and upon payment of ZDS’s prevailing administrative fee. ZDS will liaise with its applicable manufacturer upon payment of such fee.

5.3RequestPeriod: The RMA request can be made at any time, but ZDS is under no obligation to provide support or repair for Out-of-Warranty Returns.

5.4FreightCharges: The Customer will pay inbound freight outbound freight.