Machine Vision

With efforts in industrial vision sensing application and hardware technology, ZDS provides customers with leading machine vision products.

Featured Products

GigE/Fiberoptic LineScan

The Linescan series covers 2K-16K pixels and equipped with GigE/ FiberOptic interfaces, support a variety of ISP and algorithms that can fulfill various application needs of line scan cameras.

Miniature GigE/USB3 AreaScan

Built-in large-capacity frame buffer Wide range of applications, stable and easy to use Applied in various machine vision equipment

Medical USB3 Camera

Medical imaging, Microscopic imaging, Designed for high color fidelity applications

ZDS Industrial Camera Cases

Machine Vision Applications

ZDS – Beyond Your Sight

ZDS is your expert for computer vision. We give your applications the power of sight.

Fields of Application

ZDS offers you the right products for a wide range of applications – whether you want to inspect semiconductors, explore something under a microscope, or teach your robot to see. We will show you areas where you can benefit from our expertise.

Versatile, powerful and easy to use: ZDS stands for USB, GigE, FiberOptic, 3D as well as intelligent industrial cameras and vision systems that open up new dimensions in machine vision.

Top quality, made in China!