M2A1920-40UC is one of the M2A-U series USB3.0 industrial area scan cameras independently developed and designed by ZDS. Its feature is Small size, 40g ultra-light weight, Industry General Fixi, Support USB3.0, Maximum speed up to 440MByte/s, Built-in large-capacity. Frame buffer built-in, Real time transmission is stable and reliable. Strong stability Ultra low power consumption, Typical power consumption is less than 2W. Support third-party vision development software, developed based on USB3.0 and GenICam, compatible with HALCON, LabView, etc. Camera Hardware Graphics Accelerator, Image preprocessing.
wdt_ID Parameter Value
129 Resolution 1920x1200
130 BIN -
131 SUM -
132 Minimum ROI 40x40, Minimum Step 8
133 Other Resolution 1920x1080 1080P 44FPS
134 Optical Sensor 1/1.2"
135 Shutter Technology Global
136 Pixel Size 5.86um
137 Max Frame Rate 40FPS
138 Mono/Color Color
139 Resolution 1920x1200
140 Sensor Size 11.25mmx7.032mm
141 SNR 41.54db
142 Sensibility 1.016V/Lux.S 1/30S
143 Bit Depth 12bit
144 Trigger Software/Hardware Trigger
145 Dynamic Range 59db
146 Spectral 390nm650nm
147 Exposure Time 20us-20s970ms880us
148 Gain Range Gain:1-100Times - Step Size:0.125Times
149 Image Format BGR24, RAW8, RAW16, MONO8, MONO16
150 Photo Support Format RAW BMP JPEG PNG
151 Power Supply USB 5V
152 Power Consumption Work:1.67W- Standby:1.1W
153 Interface USB3.0
154 Dimention 29mm×29mm×29mm
155 Work Temperature -10℃ - 50℃
156 Weight 40g
157 Lens Mount C
158 IP Protection IP30
159 Compartibility USB3.0 Vision, GenlCam, HALCON, LabView, OpenCV
160 Certification CE, FCC, RoHS