M2A series camera is ZDS developed USB2.0 interface miniature industrial camera, adhering to the ZDS product concept: easy to use, stable and reliable. With good versatility and compatibility, but also has a very high cost performance. Support Windows XP SP3 or above, support TWAIN, DirectShow, GENICAM software interface.
wdt_ID Parameter Value
97 Resolution 1280x1024
98 BIN 640x512 100FPS
99 SUM 640x512 29.88FP
100 Minimum ROI Any ROI Size
101 Other Resolution -
102 Optical Sensor 1/2"
103 Shutter Technology Rolling
104 Pixel Size 5.2um
105 Max Frame Rate 29.88FPS
106 Mono/Color Mono
107 Resolution 1280x1024
108 Sensor Size 6.66mmx5.32mm
109 SNR 45db
110 Sensibility 2.1V/Lux.S
111 Bit Depth 10bit
112 Trigger Software Trigger
113 Dynamic Range 68.2db
114 Spectral 390nm-1050nm
115 Exposure Time 30ms-19us
116 Gain Range 1.0—8.0Times
117 Image Format MONO8、RAW8、MONO16
118 Photo Support Format RAW BMP JPEG PNG
119 Power Consumption USB 5V
120 Power Consumption <1.2W
121 Interface USB2.0
122 Dimention 29mm×29mm×42mm
123 Work Temperature -10℃-50℃
124 Weight <42g
125 Lens Mount C
126 IP Protection IP30
127 Compartibility USB2.0 Vision, GenlCam, HALCON, LabView, OpenCV
128 Certification CE, FCC, RoHS
Key Features
  • Cost-effective and ultra-low power consumption
  • Supports single PC+ multiple cameras to work stably at the same time
  • Small size and compact
  • Stable and reliable, suitable for vibration applications
  • Support Windows XP SP3 above, Linux32/64Bit
  • Dimensions: 29 mm × 29 mm × 42 mm