M2A-G series is a new series of products upgraded on the basis of the structure of the first-generation MIA-G product series of ZDS, which further enhances the compatibility of the products. M2A-G series cameras are developed based on GigE Vision and are compatible with third-party machine vision development software. It is especially suitable for applications that have strict requirements on stability, compatibility, volume and cost performance.
wdt_ID Parameter Value
225 Resolution 4000x3000
226 BIN 2000x1500 9.6FPS
227 SUM 2000x1500 9.6FPS
228 Minimum ROI Any ROI size
229 Other Resolution -
230 Optical Sensor 1/1.7"
231 Shutter Technology Rolling
232 Pixel Size 1.85um
233 Max Frame Rate 10FPS
234 Mono/Color Mono
235 Resolution 4000x3000
236 Sensor Size 7.4mm x 5.55mm
237 SNR 38db
238 Sensibility 0.25V/Lux.S 1/30S F8.0
239 Bit Depth 12bit
240 Trigger Software/Hardware Trigger
241 Dynamic Range 72db
242 Spectral 390nm-1050nm
243 Exposure Time 32us-10s847ms456us
244 Gain Range Gain:1-16Times - Step Size:0.125Times
245 Image Format MONO8, MONO16
246 Photo Support Format RAW BMP JPEG PNG
247 Power Supply POE or 12V DC
248 Power Consumption 2.3W, POE  -  1.9W, 12V DC
249 Interface GigE
250 Dimention 29mm×29mm×31.5mm
251 Work Temperature 10°C - 50°C
252 Weight <45g
253 Lens Mount C
254 IP Protection IP30
255 Compartibility GigE Vision, GenlCam, HALCON, LabView, OpenCV
256 Certification CE, FCC, RoHS
Key Features
  • Second-generation industrial camera, low power consumption
  • A new generation of appearance structure design, higher Installation accuracy 
  • PRO version Implant lossless compression, noise reduction, super palette, User-defined key and other rich functions.
  • GigE interface, maximum transmission distance up to 100m (without relay)
  • Support GigE Vision V2.0, GeniCam standard, seamlessly connect to third-party software
  • Comply with CE, FCC, RoHS
  • Dimension: 29 mm × 29 mm × 31.5 mm