Product introduction

APA384-49GLWIR is an industrial Long Wave Infrared thermal imager that can measure the surface temperature of objects and display real-time thermal images. It can provide 2 temperature measurement ranges in different ranges and more than 10 color modes, which can be added later according to requirements. Users can set the emissivity, capture data per frame, record video, and provide complete secondary development SDK and DEMO routines.

Support the programming development of various languages such as C/C++/VB/Delphi/Python. It can provide functions such as central temperature display, high and low temperature point temperature display, temperature display of user’s area of interest, horizontal image, vertical image, image sharpening, humidity compensation, temperature compensation, etc. At the same time, it can output data in two formats: the temperature value of each pixel and the pseudo color of each pixel.

Application industry:

Non-contact temperature measurement, UAV, forest fire prevention, medical treatment, video monitoring, power monitoring, fire protection, energy research, automobile, semiconductor and other fields.

Product features:
  • High sensitivity uncooled vanadium oxide infrared detector is used to provide clear infrared image and temperature measurement accuracy
  • RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet interface is adopted for stable transmission at a distance of 100 meters
  • Support POE power supply, plug and play driver design, simple and easy to use, with stability of network communication and convenience of USB device
  • 384X288 resolution, up to 50FPS frame rate
  • Thermal sensitivity ≤ 50mK, thermal response time < 10ms
  • It supports multiple cameras working at the same time, with unlimited number, and can be networked at will, without dropping the line or losing the frame when working for a long time
  • Accelerated image processing with built-in hardware to reduce the CPU usage of the host
  • Designed with GigE Vision 1.2 visual standard protocol, supporting HALCON, VisionPro and other 3rd party software
Photosensitivity curve
Dimension Drawing